Our services - NHS

  • ACRYLIC DENTURES This group includes: full dentures, partial dentures, immediate dentures and micro dentures. On request we use bend wire clamps or Roch'a / Bonyhard ready to use elements. We also offer flexible clamps available in shades A2 and A3 Vita). For dentures we commonly insert Wiedent and on request Ivoclar or Vita teeth. We prefer to create an special tray to each acrylic denture.
  • CHROME COBALT including full dentures with a metal plate or partial framework ones. We prepare projects: plate, skeletal, with long clasp, "horseshoe" or a "window." We prefer to make special tray to each framework prosthesis. We also offer our services in performing metal prosthesis base to other laboratories.
  • CROWNS AND BRIDGES (porcelain veneered crowns and bridges, Maryland bridges. Crowns and bridges are made on chrome-nickel and cobalt chrome alloys. Full metal crowns in silver or gold, in anatomical shape. According to the order we use precious or base alloys foundation.
  • POST& CORE, INLAY, ONLAY in this group we offer post&cores and crown posts, as well as inley and onley. These are porcelain, composite base alloy and precious metals, as recommended by the dentist.
  • VENEERS veneers are made of composite or porcelain.
  • BITE SPLINTS we have a wide range of film thickness and hardness to make splints as recommended by the dentist. We offer soft, hard or double-layer hard and soft splints. Of course, there is a place for teeth whitening trays here. We also make colored splints for athletes.
  • REPAIRS every self-respecting lab should offer immediate help to rescue patients from oppression - a quick help in an emergency, a denture repair. Our offer could not lack gluing cracked or broken dentures, hard or soft relining dentures as well the addition of tooth or clasp. Of course on request we will refresh and clean the denture.
  • STUDY MODELS orientation and diagnostic models are made of III class hardness plaster. Top and bottom models are additionally hardened, signed with a patient?s name and attached to each other with an swivel Fixator.
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