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  • ACRYLIC DENTURES This group includes: full dentures, partial dentures, immediate dentures and micro dentures. On request we use bend wire clasp or Roch'a / Bonyhard ready to use elements. We also offer flexible clasps available in shades A2 and A3 Vita. In this group we also offer full bio functional dentures made according to very specific characteristics and features of the patient. We work using a facial bow and an articulator. Commonly we insert Senator's and on request Ivoclar or Vita teeth. We prefer to create a special tray to each acrylic denture.
  • CHROME COBALT including full dentures with a metal plate or partial framework ones. We prepare projects: plate, skeletal, with long clasp, "horseshoe" or "window." We prefer to make special tray to each Chrome-Cobalt denture. We also offer our services in creating metal base to other laboratories.
  • FLEXIBLE PROSTHESIS this group includes partially acetal, partially nylon and complete ACR dentures. All materials have the necessary certificates and come from authorized suppliers, eg http://www.rokodent.com/?page=695&menu=32.
  • DENTURES FOR SPECIAL ORDER in our offer there is something for everyone. Also, for people who are looking for something special and unusual. We offer to make dentures according to very specific tips and ideas however with basic functionality and safety. Some of the ideas of our clients can be viewed in the gallery tab: unusual.
  • CROWN AND BRIDGE porcelain veneered crowns and bridges on precious or base metal alloys according to dentist?s indications. For veneering we use suitable Duceram Kiss family ceramics, crowns on metal, zirconium or veneers adjacent to each other are not in different colors. Full metal crowns in silver or gold we model in the anatomical shapes.
  • FULL CERAMIC WORKS these additions include crowns, veneers, onley and inley made by sintering of the refractory mass. This allows us to undertake a follow-up procedure to take care of the smallest color detail. Veneers made by this method may have a minimum thickness of 0.2 mm! It minimizes the patient's tooth layer grinding to an absolute minimum. We also make porcelain veneers on rough fore teeth or wedge losses.
  • CAD / CAM in our lab, we use the KaVo Everest Scan Pro system. Zirconium single crowns, bridges up to 14 points as well implant systems as Straumann, Ankylos Dentsply Friadent, Astra and Alpha Bio. We also offer titanium structures under crowns and bridges.
  • COMBINED WORKS this group includes all the works in which we use all kinds of attachments: latches, bolts, telescopes, as well as implant connectors. In these works we use materials of such companies as: Rhein, Bredent, ZL-Microdent, Ceka, Straumann, Dentsply and Alpha Bio. Visit our gallery, where you can see some of our laboratory made solutions.
  • BITE SPLINTS we have a wide range of film thickness and hardness to make splints as recommended by the dentist. We offer soft, hard or double-layer hard and soft splints. Of course, there is a place for teeth whitening trays here and colored splints for athletes. However if your patient has a more serious bite problem we will make a Michigan type bite splint for him as well. 
  • ORTHODONTICS We offer a full range of orthodontic services for the specialist practitioner and the general dental practitioner with an interest in orthodontics. we make all mobile devices that are currently in use and we provide them with control models. The orthodontic are colorful and cheerful, often having little animations on the request of the patient.

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